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Before seeking to publish my own writing, I edited and facilitated publishing student publications for The Living Classroom Foundation in Baltimore, MD, Girls on the Move in Boston MA, and Conchita Espinosa Academy in Miami, Fl.


I founded a student journalism program in 2002 and guided students through the writing, publishing, and distribution process for over 50 full-color issues over the course of seventeen years. 

When I earned my MFA from Converse College in 2012, I had already self-published my children's book, Rocko's Big Launch. That same yearone of my former colleagues from Converse started a blog called Why the Writing Works to give us the opportunity to stay connected, keep writing, and discuss the books we read during our time in our MFA program. You can view most of my old post there.

After I transitioned from full-time teaching to writing in March of 2019, I started contributing to a few publications to add to the discussion on skin, hair and beauty. You can find links here to a few of them. 


For Midnight & Indigo, I published a personal essay about all my childhood scars and how they impacted me. In a larger sense, "Scars" about what we all endure, and  how the scars we carry, often signify what we've overcome. As a child loss survivor, this theme continues to resonate.


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