When I earned my MFA from Converse College in 2012, one of my classmates started a blog called Why the Writing Works to give us the opportunity to stay connected, keep writing, and discuss the books we read during our time at Converse. You can view most of my old post there. Since I love grammar, one of my favorite posts is about how one writer uses adjectives. It’s called The Power of the Adjective


After I transitioned from teaching to writing in March of 2019, I published an article in The Fine Line. It was my first professional clip about beauty. It shares which facials are best for maturing skin. Earlier in the year, I had written a story about my 72-year-old aunt who told me, “I want to look as young as I can for as long as I can."

The essay found a home in AARP’s Sisters Newsletter under the title "Bedtime Beauty Duty"  I share how as I get older, I find myself following more of her advice to stay vibrant and defy gravity.


For Midnight & Indigo, I wrote about all my childhood scars and how they impacted me. "Scars"  is a piece about how what we endure, and the scars we carry, often make us stronger.


What I like most about blogging and freelance writing is both have helped connect my words with more people. 

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