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Rocko's Big Launch is a story about a little boy who wants to be a rocket scientist. Rocko dreams of building a rocket so he can travel to outer space. His first challenge, however, is to figure out how to keep his model rockets from crash landing. 


As a student at Morgan State University, I worked as a research assistant for the late Ernest C. Hammond. At that time, Hammond was a professor of physics and a Principle Investigator for a NASA research project.  Hammond had a passion for not only physics, but also astronomy. 

The character, Rocko Rocket, was inspired in part by imagining what Mr.  Hammond must have been like as a child. 

Rocko's Big Launch was produced as a result of a successful kickstarter project and later became an award-winning self-published book.

Digital books of Rocko's Big Launch are now available on our website in English, Spanish, and French.


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