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I grew up in Massachusetts, first in West Medford, MA then West Plymouth, I attended Morgan State near West Baltimore, and now I live on the West side of Coconut Grove in Miami, Florida. One of my favorite memoirs is West with the Night. And, I have a closet passion for Western movies that I inherited from my Dad. My favorite play is Wicked and my favorite movie is the Wiz. By now I've used enough W's so I will get back to the Y:Yolande: The a is soft and the e is silent.


I write to explain myself to myself and make sense of the world around me. I write to share my thoughts and experiences, and I use writing to connect, relate, inspire, and motivate others.  Thanks for stopping in to learn more.


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The Divine Cookbook

3629 Grand Ave 

Miami, Fl 33133


Tel: 305-873-3764

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