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The Pressure Y/

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

The internet and social media take the blame for why those in generation Y feel so much pressure. At least with my daughter, it seems she is constantly racing against an invisible clock.

And, because she is an artist, I think she is "low key" compared to many millennials I know.

Generations Y and Z seem to be the generations most influenced and the most influential. They also seem to always be striving to have it all —right now, to have it all figured out —right now, and to chase, at a seemingly neck-breaking pace, the perception of success.


I wonder if it is possible for them to ever truly feel they are enough, when they are so often comparing themselves to others or to who they think they should be —right now. I think of myself at my daughter's age, and I really didn't feel that type of pressure. I'm not sure if the internet is the only.thing to blame.

I read a quote recently that said, "Don't be so focused on becoming, that you forget to be."

You can't wait until you feel good about who you become once you get "there." Be happy with who we are -—right now.

You are enough.

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